16.4ft Neon Flow Indoor/Outdoor Multi-Zone LED Light Strip



Create Unique, Dynamic Color Lighting: Use the downloadable Monster Smart App to customize your lighting any time for your space, to match a specific event or even your mood. Our app is available from the Apple Store and Google Play.

Flexible Design For Words/Shapes: If you mount it to a wall, the strip can be bent to form specific words or shapes that add a little extra something to your space.

16.4ft Length Perfect For Anywhere: Designed with a bendable material, your strip easily conforms to different spaces or angles to provide the right lighting for special occasions or everyday events.

Waterproof For Outdoor Use: Our item is waterproof and can work outdoors in any setting, whether on a deck, patio or walkway.

“Hey Google! Turn On My Strip:” Connect to Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri and gain full voice control over your strip whenever you want.

Mounting Clips Included: Also included with our strip are mounting clips to help set it up in any location

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Want to add some unique lighting to your patio, kitchen or any place you choose? With the 16.4ft Neon Flow Indoor/Outdoor Multi-Zone LED Light Strip, you can transform any space into something uniquely lit. You can place our waterproof strip anywhere, in the kitchen, bedroom, home office or outdoors along your walkway or deck. Download the Monster Smart App to your phone and make custom changes to create the most striking multicolor, multizone and dimmable LED effects. You can also connect our strips to Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri to provide full voice control over your lights whenever you want. The item is also bendable and can reliably fit around specific corners and setups thanks to its flexible design. Also included with our item are mounting clips so you can set them up indoors wherever you want. Transform any space into a colorful locale for your next party with the 16.4ft Neon Flow Indoor/Outdoor Multi-Zone LED Light Strip.

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Weight 28 oz
Dimensions 16.77 × 16.14 × 8.07 in

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